Spatial Autonomy in Hospital

TYPE Individual project

DEVELOPED at ArtEZ University of Arts, the Netherlands

COURSE MIA (Master in Interior Architecture) 2018-2019


This project starts from a general topic ——Home.

In my personal expression, the meaning of “Home” is a process of pursuing stability.

This project was inspired by the most vulnerable experience in my life ——staying in a hospital. The inconvenience of the body and the hospital rules that must be obeyed, my habits were forced to change. The patients’ room purpose to be a space for patients to rest well. However, the hospital in Taiwan can not provide a comfortable environment for patients to recover. 

Research about  Hospital

In order to have an overview of patients' rooms, the research started with collecting data. In this survey, the main target was Taiwanese medical workers. Using the questionnaire as a research tool to understand how medical workers, visitors, and patients interact with each other. 

According to the statistic, patients in the hospital lose their autonomy of their body and the control of their own private space. It brought up a question: 

How can we create a private space for patients within a hospital environment?

Design—— equipment and system

In the further design process, I divided the project into two directions: one is designing the equipment that patients can use; the other is designing a system that can apply all equipment in a hospital space. Each equipment serves a purpose: lock the door, hiding body, mobile coffee table, against negative sound, etc.

01. Lock + Walking Stick

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