My name is Ying-Ting, a Taiwanese interior designer based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I've been working as a designer for 4 years. 

As an interior architect with a unique approach, I am not only focusing on the aesthetics of space but also its social relationship with the environmental context. In my own discipline, there are two different approaches that I would like to achieve. 

First of all, It would be a social-engaging approach that utilizes the creation of a sense of space to influence and revitalize people's feelings. Further, fulfill people's physical and psychological needs for space. In the “Spatial Autonomy In Hospital”, I designed serries of spatial objects for patients who suffered from a lack of privacy. By responding to visual, acoustic issues, and increase the spatial ownership of patient, the spatial objects create a sense of security. 

The nature of the space is building. The traditional construction methods have existed for a long time because of their durability and aesthetics, such as bundling and stacking. However, I consider that these traditional methods could become more valuable once we merge with the new strategy which fits in the contemporary context, and helps us to tackle down the spatial and environmental issues nowadays and in the immediate future. Contemporary interior construction methods tend to be unified and the structural beauty is replaced by decorative materials, and extra materials have been consumed. Recontextalize the known construction methods by studying the materiality, let the beauty of the structure shine in the sun again, and create a Renaissance of traditional construction methods.

In general, the feeling of people and the environment are the guideline of my design. By studying and combining the recontextualization of traditional construction methods and create an emotional-related sense of space, I introduce the essential beauty of the space and merge it with profound connection between people’s emotional experience and physical space.

Here is my CV.

Ying-Ting Shen