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Ying-Ting Shen

Installation/ Design/ Art/ Gravity/ Memory

Ying-Ting Shen is a Taiwanese artist/designer based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She works as an installation artist with a unique approach, her artistic research combines site-specific installation, interactive sculpture, and research in gravitational building methodology. Her work mainly questions the stability of the artificial object and social structure by recontextualization of traditional construction methods and creating an emotional-related sense of space and immersive experience. She introduces the essential beauty of the space and merge it with a profound connection between people’s emotional experiences and physical space.


2020      ArtEZ University of the Arts, Zwolle, Netherlands
              Interior Architecture, Master of Arts (MA)                      

2012       Chung Yuan Christian University, Zhongli, Taiwan
              Interior Design, Bachelor of Arts (BA)



- "Build with Memory" Dutch Design Week with Archiprix 2021, TU Eindhoven, NL       

- "We are not alone" Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend 
- "Build with Memory" Archiprix Netherlands 2021, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL
"Build with Memory" selected as Best Dutch Graduation Project in architecture, urbanism, interior, and landscape architecture


- "Memory knot" Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend, TOT Foundation, Rotterdam, NL

- "Build with Memory" FUTURE READY online exhibition, Anchorage Museum, Alaska, U.S. (link)         

- "Build with Memory" Dutch Design Week, Online, NL        
Represented the master of interior architecture


- Taipei World Design Expo, Taipei, Taiwan
Represented the department of interior design

Artist Residency


The Orange Tree Art Project, Rotterdam, NL, July - September 2021

Publication & Interview


- Interview by TV ZUID for program TV Feijenoord
   (on Youtube for The Orange Tree art project - TOT)
- Groot Rotterdam atelierweekend 2021
- News on CBK Rotterdam - Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam
- Archiprix Nederland 2021 edition

- First video essay Future Justice: an inquiry into the way things are/were/should be
- FUTURE READY on-line publication at Anchorage museum, U.S.A

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