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Jewelry display shelves for Vein Studio

The transparent plates represent the surface of the water, the pieces of jewelry made by ocean glasses are placed on it. They are sparkled as the water in the sunlight. The stones are those islands that navigate our way back home. 

Vein Studio is a jewelry brand that upcycles ocean glass as jewelry material. The core value of the brand is using 100% recycled material on their products, such as silver, package, sea glasses, etc. Therefore, in this project, sustainability becomes my first consideration.   


“Archipelago” is a series of jewelry display stands that is made of stacked stones and acrylic plates. Those stands are built without glue or nails, simply clamp an acrylic plate with two stones, which means it can be easily disassembled after using and changing the position of stones while every assemble. In this sense, the material has not been damaged, it can also be reused as the original material when it is not used as a display stand.


Swan Market, Delft, NL 2021

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