Memory Shelter Manual

Please follow the timeline below.

Building the shelter with leftover material.

if you have mainly wood

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The Column

First, we can use leftover material to build a column. This column will become the main structure of the shelter.


1. Set up foundation

Cut the wood into:

length 65~75 cm (8 sticks for the top and bottom)

length 40~50 cm (Section in between)

Put the same hight of 2 wooden sticks parallelly.

At the same time, insert the ㄩ shape metalware underneath the wooden sticks.


2. Stacking

Stacking wooden sticks and leftover material layer by layer​.

Please following the dimension below and check important information.

3. Fix the top

place 4 longer sticks on the top of the column.

Then, Install hardware on it.

4. Tied it up


Pass the metal wire through the hole on the upper metalwares. 

Connecting the wire from the top to bottom.


Pass the wire through the hole on the lower metal wares.

5. Connect the wire with a turnbuckle

The upper end of the wire goes through the aluminum sleeves first, then goes through-hole of turnbuckles.

Fix the loop by using wire crimp to crimp the aluminum sleeves. Repeat it again on the bottom part of turnbuckles

Turning the middle part of turnbuckle until the metal wire is tightened 

6. Apply to another side

The video of building progress


Day 1

With a column, we can create a basic living place for a few days.


1. Furniture

Use the column as a foundation.

Insert the wooden stick into the void of the column.


Coat Rack


2. Roof

3. Wall






01. Roof panel


02. wooden stick


02-1. Wire


03. wall panel


04. metalware

The roof panel(01) is fixing by the wooden sticks (02). 


The wooden sticks connect to the wall panel(03) with the wire(02-1).


The weight of the wall panel creates a compression force on the top of the column. It makes the roof panel become stable.

The wall panels are hanging by the wire. Using the metalware(04) to connect the 4 panels. 

1 column-1-1.JPG

Day 2~4

Continuing building up the other 4 columns, meanwhile you can still live in a place with one column.

First Shelter

4 columns


Day 5

After building up 4 columns, you can start to creat a bigger living place.


1. Roof

Use the column as a foundation.

Insert the wooden stick into the void of the column.

4 column-2-1.JPG

Higher roof (stick)


Lower roof (stick)

Make a knot on the rope at both sides of the fabric.

Rope connect to a bag of stone (or heavy stuff)

2. Wall

Use the column as a foundation.

Insert the wooden stick into the void of the column.

According to different materials, the construction method would be different. Here we separated the material into two categories:

Soft Material

01 transparent.png
02 transparent.png
03 transparent.png

Hard Material

hard 01.png

Day 6

Connect your space with others, creating a small community.

community 20162.jpg