The rules of using leftover material

 Material selection


The flatter the shape, the better the stacking. 

it should be able to stack in between the wooden sticks.


The length shouldn't exceed 15 cm on both sides of the column.

max. 15 cm 


Choose a material that can support the load.

(ex. a chair, a wooden panel.)

Paper box




The heavier object should be placed in the middle layer.

Its weight can help with stability, at the same time prevent the harm from the collapse.

Construction methods



The upper and lower wooden sticks should exceed the original column body.

Since some recycled materials will cover the originally hollow within the column. It causes the wire cannot pass through. Therefore, the upper and lower wooden sticks must be extended to fix the wire from the outside.


Since another tower will be connected, it must be stacked layer by layer with leftover materials and wooden sticks. 


Try to align the wooden sticks from the top to the bottom. 


The height of each layer should be the same.

If the height is different on both sides, you can use another object to fill the height.


The section of a column that will be connected to another tower should not have protruding parts. Otherwise, the material of the wall will be difficult to fix.