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2021 The Orange Tree Art Project_We are not Alone_the Garden

We are not Alone

The Orange Tree Art Project, Rotterdam

The Garden in Time 2021 Summer Residency,

with artist Yu-Ching Chiang 

We are the scattered debris. 
We are incomplete 
but we depend on each other.

An on-site working process to explore the (in)dependence of humans and the environment. The artists foresee harmony between people and each independent environmental factor such as wind and gravity. Here, they propose an experimental project to reveal its (in)tangible power to create harmony for artistic creation. A project that contains gravitational installation assembled by the debris in the neighborhood. And an experiment with image and sound-making from the wind and gravity. 

Tangible powers ( gravity-based installation)

In the previous research on building with gravity, the artists realized that it is crucial to depend on gravity to form a balanced system. This system reaches its balance and sturdiness by the weight of the object and gravity which represents the dependence of man-made objects and the environment.  When they visited the garden, they immediately see the potential of the trees, landscape, and the breeze. The lawn and the dynamic height of the tree offer a good opportunity for us to create. In this upcoming plan, they intend to experiment and build a site-specific installation relying on the land, trees.

Intangible powers ( image and sound-making )

They consider that harmony can be found in various forms, not only static but dynamic. The hanging object moves by the wind, then Newton’s law of gravity takes it to the static position. In this sense, the motion of the installation could be an asset. According to them, sometimes, the motion is ambiguous and easy to be ignored. Here, they record this movement and transformation of the surroundings. The old vinyl records the pattern of counter weight, wind, and gravity. Then those patterns of nature are transformed into sound by DIY open-source pixel recognition software and webcam. 

2021 The Orange Tree Art Project_We are not Alone_Sketch

Tangible powers ( gravity-based installation)


Intangible powers ( image and sound-making )

Groot Rotterdam atelierweekend 2021

Live performance with musicians: Diepzeebeest & Rather

We_Are_Not_Alone_Performance_26_09_2021Diepzeebeest & Rather
00:00 / 2:06:49
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